About Hole19

A fully fledged luxury group

Hole19GroupProviding a bridge for both established and aspiring global brands entering the African market.
Approaching 20 years of experience Distributing and Retailing luxury lifestyle products and services. Firmly established as a leader in the West African region, leveraging its expertise and vast network of local stakeholders, companies in the group help their partner brands increase sales, strengthen identity and create solid regional distribution channels.

Diversification strategy

Established in 1997 as a golf marketing company, Hole19 Group diversified its services to various core areas of expertise, covering all the steps required in the delivery of goods and luxury products & services to both B2B and B2C customers, ranging from supply chain management to high street retailing.

As a result of this diversification strategy, since 2010 Hole19 Group has been formed of six subsidiaries including Hole19 logistic, ZAKAA luxury concept, Hole19 Sport, 14 Africa, Hole19 Media editing & publishing and Nettetal.

A reliable distribution channel

With headquarters in Abuja-Nigeria and offices in Switzerland and Germany, Hole19 Group is able to provide a reliable distribution channel to a wide range of companies and currently owns a vast network of retail outlets.

Hole19 Group is the trusted partner for brands seeking to expand market presence in Africa. Already retailing in excess of 40 global brands via its subsidiary companies, Hole19 is opening up the African frontier. Through its highly trained team of brand managers, Hole19 ensures not only brand integrity of its partners but also achievement of long-term brand objectives.


Mission Statement

Sustainable leadership

leadership pixHole19 Luxury Group strives to maintain their position as the leading distributor of luxury products,
 lifestyle goods and customer related services in West Africa.

Determined to enable our customers to shop for luxury goods on the African continent in the same way as they would elsewhere, we aim to give our customers the opportunity to affirm their personality and fulfill their desire to feel and look good by offering leading-edge products & services. Continuously seeking to provide the most recent, exclusive products and pledging to maintain our efforts to exceed expectations.

We also take great pride in taking care of our teams as much as we take care of our customers. We strongly believe that creativity should be empowered by those managing the workforce. In line with our convictions, we imagined, designed and implemented various training programs and tools to further enhance our people’s ability and skills to perform in an increasingly demanding business environment.


Reinforcing presence in Nigeria

map nigeriaOur strategy is predominantly based on reinforcing our presence in the Nigerian market, accompanying growth of our current brands and expanding our brand portfolio through accurate analysis of fast moving local market trends. This strategy is supported by constant development of our distribution network and channels, aiming to attain critical size and thereby reach new markets.


Distribution and retail: Hole19 is developing a strong retail network for its portfolio of brands through establishing more outlets for its proprietary distribution subsidiaries, as well as credible third party retailers and mono boutiques.


Customer service: Going one step further, Hole19 Group keeps the customer in the conversation even after the sale has been made. Commitment to our customers is just as important as commitment to the brands we represent.


Brand management: Through its highly trained team of brand managers, Hole19 ensures not only brand integrity of its partners but also ensures achievement of long term brand objectives.


CSR Management: Through strategic partnership we are pioneering various social development programs as well as helping brands achieve their own sustainability objectives in the region.