Hole19 group is divided into six subsidiaries: Zakaa concept stores, H19 Media, H19 Sport, H19 logistics, 14 Africa and Nettetal. It has established itself as a leader in Nigeria and more widely in the West African region.


Zakaa a contemporary Nigerian retailer of leading luxury brands has proven a remarkable player in the Nigerian luxury industry. It has opened in quick succession seven luxury emporiums in the cities of Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt...


Nettetal is a Furniture, Lifestyle Gifts and home decor one stop shop. Through our showrooms in Abuja and Port Harcourt, we are able to offer our clients an extensive and exciting range of products on display at any time.

Hole19 Sport

The first company in the Group started back in 1997. The Goose that laid the “golden eggs” still reflects the DNA of the group. Hole19 Sport is the leading player in premium sports consultancy in Nigeria

Hole19 Media

Hole19 Media delivers high-end publishing services to corporates and Government agencies. From content development to print and distribution, Hole19 manages the entire creative process for publishing of Magazines...

Hole19 Logistic

Being established in Nigeria for almost ten years we have an unparalleled expertise in the Nigerian market and awareness of potential country specific pitfalls in the smooth running of operations.

Fourteen Africa

In line with aquiring premium global brands, Fourteen, a brand out of Geneva Switzerland, is now proudly a member of Hole19 Group.