Being established in Nigeria for ten years we have an unparalleled expertise in the Nigerian market and awareness of potential country specific pitfalls in the smooth running of operations. This expertise allows us to pre emptiveley identify any logistical aspects which may pose potential organisational failure and ensure that these areas are targeted during planning, thereby guaranteeing the smooth running of events from start to finish to meet all predefined expectations.

Extensive network, trusted partner

logistics h19 pixOperating in Nigeria on a long term basis we have developed an extensive Network of partner companies offering services covering a range more wide reaching than the many provided directly by ourselves. Logistics services provided directly by ourselves include the sourcing, transportation, payments (including currency exchanges necessary for such payment to occur), customs clearance and delivery.
We are also able to facilitate liaison with various municipal or city councils, departments and organization, the preparation of documentation required for traffic control, parking, security, multi-modal transportation by road and air, organisation which necessitates contractors are required to prevent traffic jams and over-crowding at the event site, storage and control of on-site materials and equipment, preparation of documentation required for import.

Through our portfolio of partner companies and organisations throughout Nigeria and Worlwide we are also able to provide VIP cars, site surveying, client service, supply chain identification, procurement and scheduling. These parallel sourcing techniques whereby we use our portfolio of trusted companies and service providers with whom we have prior experience, as opposed to outsourcing of services obviates the need to rely on non quality assured companies and services, thus ensuring the smooth running of events.

Bringing success to your business

Consequently we have worked in close unison with these individuals in the implementation of and successful accomplishment of even the most complex of organisational tasks entailed in many logistical projects for our clients who range from those in the hospitality, construction and oil and gas industries as well as large scale events organisation.