Building into the future

Franc Vila developed his finely hand-crafted complicated wristwatches and fundamentally reinvented forms, building into the future by respecting the past, creating watches that are contemporary while retaining their classical spirit. Franc Vila creations are an individual and exceptional global approach where all the elements —case, dial, strap, mechanism, rotos, screws, crown and hands— form a unique and indissociable whole in wich modernity, beauty, quality, precision and exclusivity play a balanced role.

Latest technology

Franc Vila

Franc Vila

The FRANC VILA watches benefit from the latest technology combined with an exceptional know-how that blends tradition and modernity and are designed for an exclusive clientele who demand a timepiece both contemporary and elegant. The FRANC VILA timepieces are a form of art and who wears them has time for leisure pursuits, appreciates life’s special moments and needs different and special products, not mass produced watches, but pieces that provide a unique experience to each individual. Owning an exceptional unique watch is a rare privilege and to wear it an exclusive art.

Reinventing forms

FRANC VILA´s Time-Pieces reinvent forms, building into the future by respecting the past, and perpetuate the watch-making tradition with its collections, including the most prestigious complications with the unique design “Esprit Unique”. FRANC VILA´s commitment is to present new classics through the understanding of the contemporary world. You are kindly invited to discover our revolutionary and exclusive new concept watches representing the luxury leisure timepieces’ future, and to explore the UNIQUE SPIRIT and the exceptional style that characterizes the FRANC VILA brand.