The Edox story

Beginning back in 1883 with a simple love story, Christian Rüfli-Flury an exceptionally gifted watchmaker in Granges decided to give his wife, Eva-Maria, a pocket watch that he had designed himself for her 25th birthday. Touched and impressed by the beauty of her husband’s gift, Eva-Maria persuaded him to found his own watchmaking company in 1884, which he named “Edox”.

128 years and counting

Victor Strambini, Claude Bernard

Victor Strambini, EDOX

Edox’s existence has been studded with success and horological inventions, some of which remain unrivalled even to this day. In 1983, in the face of a watchmaking crisis, Victor Strambini took over Edox and decided to relocate the company to Les Genevez, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains. Later in 1988, Edox achieved major success with the famous Les Bémonts Ultra Slim, an ultra-slim calendar watch featuring a movement that was scarcely 1.4 mm thick. This world record for the slimmest calendar watch remains unbroken to this day. In 2006, Edox launched a collection of sports watches, water-resistant to 500 metres and incorporating materials derived from aerospace research, such as titanium, carbon and ceramic.

Technical perfection

Edox’s passion for technical perfection quite naturally led the company into the world of nautical sports, initially involving luxury boats, and later powerboats. Since its establishment, Edox has had a very clear vision of its growth and development thanks to truly innovative ideas and ceaseless design research, while at the same time maintaining the classic traditions of watchmaking know-how. Edox has thus become a benchmark brand in timekeeping for nautical and automobile sports competitions.

Elegance, dynamism and technical innovation have represented the Edox philosophy for more than 128 years.