The symbiosis between compelling innovation and exquisite design characterises and defines their exclusive objects of time selected materials and perfect workmanship fulfil and exceed customers’ highest expectations.Initially producing packages for watch companies like Chronoswiss and Faberge, they quickly diversified to electronic watchwinders and luxury safes under their own name.


Nowadays, Buben & Zorweg is a connoisseurs brand for objects of time and tourbillon clocks, sometimes costing several hundred thousand US$ and complete safe rooms, made to measure for collectors of watches, wine, art and cigars.


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Indeed Harald Buben has a special relationship with the concept of safety. He routinely goes to countries with a high travel warning, sometimes for business and often for pleasure. “Overland driving through difficult territories and terrains gives me the ultimate kick” admits 42 year old Buben, who is on his way to “collect” visits to all the world