Game – Passion – Fashion

In the beginning, it was a game. Then it became a passion. Now it is fashion. These few, short sentences capture how Angelo Galasso, born in 1959 in Apulia, Italy, has achieved international success thanks to his unique style.

angelo galasso

Angelo Galasso

Growing up in a typical, large middle-class Italian family, Angelo’s father forbade his son to play on the streets with his peers. But Angelo, who loved his hometown, forged a friendship with the local artisans who had workshops along the main street. The tailor, the shirt maker, the trouser maker and the cobbler all welcomed him into their shops, where Angelo started to become familiar with fabrics and forms, colours and hides. He came to understand the immense value of those trades that are carried out by insignificant men, who are so loyal to their discreet art. He asked his new-found friends to help him change the style and proportions of his clothes, thus finding yet again another way to set himself apart.

In 1990, the first Interno 8 store opened in Rome’s Parioli with a groundbreaking first shirt collection that rewrote the rules of traditional patterns whilst preserving high-quality tailoring.  Interno 8 became a phenomenal success, with 80 stores throughout Italy.

It was at this time that Galasso created the exclusive Polso Orologio (Watch cuff) shirt. The design was inspired by former Fiat president Gianni Agnelli, known in Italy as ‘the Lawyer’, who was forced to wear his watch over his shirt cuff due to an allergy, leading Angelo Galasso to appreciate that fashion is a combination of trends and needs. Later, the design was exhibited at the Design Museum in London, leading the Financial Times to dub Angelo as The Da Vinci of Shirts.

Innovation as a main driver

In 2000, Angelo’s desire to explore new horizons brought him to London, the capital of fashion and tailoring. It was a choice that brought the Angelo Galasso’s brand major success, thanks to high-profile clients such as Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Moore, David Beckham, King Abdullah of Jordan, Puff Daddy, Michael Caine, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon, Rod Stewart, Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The constant desire to innovate and the inspiration that only London could provide led him to take a new step in his life, further revolutionising the concept of men’s fashion. In 2005, with the first genuine high fashion collection created exclusively for men in conjunction with Flavio Briatore, himself an Interno 8 customer, came Billionaire Italian Couture, a new line with an innovative and original design concept that established Angelo Galasso as one of the most talented designers on the international scene.